Your Community and Your Mortgage Business

One of the most overlooked marketing opportunities available to mortgage professionals is the involvement in their very own community. There are countless choices and causes that you can use as an avenue in your marketing program. The advantage of community involvement marketing is that it actually develops for you a community presence or community [...]

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Social Media and Brand Communications

Brand Communications - test of retention rate We are constantly surrounded by brands. Everywhere we look we can see brands but how much of the brand communication is [...]

New Home Communities Redefine Retirement

Retirement is an exciting stage in life. It's one of freedom, rediscovery, and new experiences. All of that extra time can be used to enjoy the success you have earned [...]

Interpersonal Communication – The Key To Success

Most accomplished and successful people realize that being a great leader is one of the things that led to their success. Some people seem to have been born with innate [...]

What Is Interpersonal Communication – Definition and 3 Common Myths

Effective interpersonal communication at work is essential to your career success. Yet it's often not clearly understood nor easy to improve. After researching on Google [...]

How Canadians Can Benefit From Having Health and Dental Insurance Coverage

Canadians benefit from a publicly funded national health insurance program which provides for the basic coverage in hospital care. While as Canadians we receive coverage [...]

What’s Covered? How to Use Medicare’s Website to Understand Original Medicare Coverage Better

Many people want to know how Original Medicare will cover a specific health condition, treatment, service, etc. Luckily for me, as an agent, and for you, as a Medicare [...]

What Every Business Owner Ought To Know About Voluntary Benefits

Some Plain Talk About A Simple Decision That Is Often Difficult to Make If he had provided voluntary benefit options to his employees, he would have fostered trust [...]